Canadian Transport Requirements

  1. The buyer must fill out all normal transport paperwork.
  2. Dogs must have a rabies over 12 weeks of age, a health certificate dated within 10 days of transport, and pay the duty (tax) up front as we do import the animal on your behalf. You will be given a receipt from customs that you should keep for your records. Also, the Canadian party must complete the Letter of Authority.
  3. Here are the current Canadian Regulations I found on their website:Dogs imported into Canada will have a documentary inspection by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to ensure the animal’s rabies vaccination is current and the animal description matches. The CBSA will also visually inspect the animal to ensure that there are no visible signs of illness. The CBSA may contact the CFIA when veterinary guidance or expertise is needed.

    The current fees for this inspection are:

    • $30.00 + tax for the first animal in the shipment; and
    • $5.00 + tax for each additional animal in the shipment.

    If the shipment does not meet Canada’s import requirement for rabies certification (even if the animal is being imported from the United States), the animal will be ordered to undergo vaccination against rabies at the owner’s expense within two weeks of its arrival, and the following fees apply:

    • $55.00 + tax for the first animal in the shipment; and
    • $30.00 + tax for each additional animal.

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